Laravel API development experience perfected: Spatie's Laravel Data support, realtime Typescript definitions generation, Inertia integration.
Laravel Data support
Scramble PRO automatically documents requests and responses defined using Spatie’s Laravel Data package.

Laravel Data object used to describe request body automatically documented in API documentation. All comments, default values, etc are documented too.

This works for responses created with Laravel Data as well.

Typescript definitions generation 
Typescript definitions for your entire API are generated in realtime giving you an instant feedback loop – you will be notified about any issues in client code instantly.
Inertia integration 
Scramble PRO generates Typescript definitions for Inertia pages giving you and your team a great DX when creating Inertia applications.
Each plan includes 1 year of updates and perpetual lifetime license.
Allows you to use Scramble PRO on a single project.
Allows you to use Scramble PRO on unlimited amount of projects.
14 days money back guarantee.
When the package will be ready?
The goal for the first release is early June. Initial release will contain Laravel Data support. Other features will be released later.
What is on roadmap?
Besides mentioned TS types generation, the goal of Scramble PRO is to improve DX of client development for APIs developed using Laravel. It includes client code generation, etc.
What happens after I pre-order?
I will contact you to chat about your needs and provide the first version as soon as it is ready.
I have other question.
Feel free to drop a few lines to me: