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Installation & setup

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Scramble PRO
Spatie’s Laravel Data support, realtime Typescript definitions generation, Inertia integration.

Scramble requires:

  • PHP 8.1 or higher
  • Laravel 10.x or higher

You can install Scramble via composer:

composer require dedoc/scramble

When Scramble is installed, 2 routes are added to your application:

  • /docs/api - UI viewer for your documentation
  • /docs/api.json - Open API document in JSON format describing your API.

And that’s it! You can now visit /docs/api to see your API documentation.

By default, these routes are available only in local environment. You can change this behavior by defining viewApiDocs gate.

Models attributes support

To support model attributes/relations types in JSON resources you need to have the doctrine/dbal package installed.

If it is not installed, install it via composer:

composer require doctrine/dbal

Without the doctrine/dbal package, Scramble won’t know the types of model attributes, so they will be shown as string in resulting docs.

Unknown database type exception

If you get this exception, simply add a type mapping into database config, as shown in this comment:

Publishing config

Optionally, you can publish the package’s config file:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Dedoc\Scramble\ScrambleServiceProvider" --tag="scramble-config"

This will allow you to customize API routes resolution and OpenAPI document’s details.

The content of scramble config:


use Dedoc\Scramble\Http\Middleware\RestrictedDocsAccess;

return [
     * Your API path. By default, all routes starting with this path will be added to the docs.
     * If you need to change this behavior, you can add your custom routes resolver using `Scramble::routes()`.
    'api_path' => 'api',

     * Your API domain. By default, app domain is used. This is also a part of the default API routes
     * matcher, so when implementing your own, make sure you use this config if needed.
    'api_domain' => null,

    'info' => [
         * API version.
        'version' => env('API_VERSION', '0.0.1'),

         * Description rendered on the home page of the API documentation (`/docs/api`).
        'description' => '',

     * The list of servers of the API. By default (when `null`), server URL will be created from
     * `scramble.api_path` and `scramble.api_domain` config variables. When providing an array, you
     * will need to specify the local server URL manually (if needed).
     * Example of non-default config (final URLs are generated using Laravel `url` helper):
     * ```php
     * 'servers' => [
     *     'Live' => 'api',
     *     'Prod' => '',
     * ],
     * ```
    'servers' => null,

    'middleware' => [

    'extensions' => [],
Scramble PRO
Laravel Data support, real-time Typescript definitions generation, Inertia integration.